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Thread: DVD Jon Hacks Google Video Viewer

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    DVD Jon Hacks Google Video Viewer

    Google Video Viewer allows you to watch videos hosted on Google's servers. It is based on VLC and coding legend DVD Jon has hacked Google Video Viewer to support viewing vids from any server.
    The search engine company based in Mountain View, California, would not say whether it approved of Johansen's modifications to its open source software, but it is not encouraging anyone to download the patch, according to Nathan Tyler, a Google spokesman. "We strongly advise users not to download this modification," he said. "It could result in security vulnerabilities in their computer and may disrupt their computer's ability to access Google video."
    I haven't jumped on the Google Video bandwagon yet (I've been too busy playing with Google Earth) but what's wrong with just using VLC, or am I missing the point of this?

    PC World has the full story.
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    I believe that this lets you use an unregistered video to be watched from Google Videos.

    So you don't upload it to the Videos Servers.

    All he did was add "//" before an if() statement :s even I coulda done that. This is not the same level as his other hacks, not really a major hack.
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