German review site 3DCenter investigate the anisotropic filtering used with the latest G70 based cards from NVIDIA.
In terms of the level of texture quality, however, Nvidia seems to evaluate the demands of its high-end customers as fairly low. The new high-end chip G70 produces texture shimmering with activated anisotropic filtering (AF). Just as a reminder: This applies to the NV40 (GF 6800 series) in standard driver settings as well, but this can be remedied by activating the "High Quality" mode.

For the G70 chip, the activation of "High Quality" does not provides the desired effect - the card still shows texture shimmering. Was Nvidia able to accustom the consumer to texture shimmering with the NV40 standard setting already, so that their next chip, the G70, does no longer offer options to produce shimmer-free AF?