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Thread: New iPods et al

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    Quote Originally Posted by directhex
    probably never will, the official line is "rip as one track"
    Which is my preferd method of ripping, playing and backing up albums. But without CUE sheet support its almost usless. I find it very annoying that a company with the might of Apple can't be bothered to impliment such an important and relativly simple feature. Without it i just can't buy one. Of my 300 or so CD's, atleast 70-100 are gapless. Cheap CD players from the 80's manage it, heck even old fashioned records do. I would have to go for a Sony at the moment. While they have thier drawbacks, they atleast can play my CD's back properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nvening
    First, would u want to watch a film on a tiny screen? Second, could u stand the rubbish 14hr battery life? Third, could u stand looking like a chav?
    No, sony rules
    I'll start with the third point, because that point has always bug me. The same way that I find it silly for people to buy a player just on its look because its "cool", I find it just as silly for people to bash whats essentially popular.

    Going back to first. Well, I'll agree there. But then again, I can't say I care much about pictures either. But most players have them now. There are so many players out there, and video is just one way for companies to try differentiating, or evening their feature set. Two, I have no problem with 14hr battery life to be honest. What is so difficult about recharging the battery every day. Plus, the 60GB version comes with up to 20hrs of battery life. Still not near the Sony, but thats still fine by me.

    What I look for in a player:
    #1 Sound quality - this is a given. The 5G iPod is supposed to sound as good as the shuffle. If thats true, then it will be interesting indeed.
    #2 Line out - so that I can connect to an amp.
    #3 Capacity and lossless compression support. Those two kind of go together: its kind of useless to have support for lossless if there is not enough capacity.
    #4 Good user interface
    #5 Can act as an external HD without additional applications

    Until now, I've mostly focussed on the iAudio X5. As it met my requirement. But the iPod is not far behind, especially when you take price into account (based on the price of the 30GB iAudio X5, the 60GB is definitely going to cost a small fortune). And if the 5G iPod really got the sound improvement many have been begging for, then I might just have to flip a coin..

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