New ATI driver for OpenGL games and Serious Sam 2
A recent HEXUS.bean revealed that ATI were working on improvements to performance in OpenGL games with antialiasing enabled, demonstrated by a tool they made available to us to validate those claims. The changes the tool made have now been rolled into a revision of CATALYST by Terry Makedon's team and the driver, 5.10a, is publically available from their website here. Related to OpenGL, the driver is noted as specifically for Quake IV but uses the new OpenGL 'code' as its base and so it should improve all OpenGL games with AA on.

Along with the OpenGL and Quake IV fixes, Serious Sam II gets some attention with display quality changes in this hotfix driver. So if you're playing anything OpenGL or Serious Sam II in D3D mode, you might want to give the drivers a try. The CATALYST driver team will roll the hotfix changes into CATALYST 5.11 in November.