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Thread: Google Local for your mobile

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    Google Local for your mobile

    Google Local for mobile works almost exactly like the web based Google Local we're used to using in the web browser of our desktop PC, but with interface tweaks to make it more suitable for phone usage. Providing you have a supported phone, you can request a text message from Google with a download link to the application. Once downloaded and installed you're ready to go.
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    Not ready for the UK

    I tried this on my UK phone, and found that it does not work very well.

    Firstly the installer is very US centric. It asks what networks you are on, but only has US netowrks to choose from. If you select 'other' it asks you about your phone make & model, but my phone (a common Nokia) was not there.

    I chose a phone similar to mine, and downloaded the app. When it started, it presented me with a map of North America. I scrolled and zoomed untill I got the UK. I found that my home town (Reading) mysterously does not appear on the map, and that you cannot zoom in very much. It might be usefull for motorway navigation, but certainly not for finding directions the nearest pizza take away.

    I think it is interesting technology, but IMHO, the hexus headline need to make it clear that this is not sutable for the UK yet.

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    I found that the web-based version is absolutely fine, and see no reason for me to install something on my phone.

    Its worth pointing out that just going to with IE on my "SmartPhone 2003 second edition" based mobile, you get local information.

    For instance i was at a friends and we came to the conclusion we couldn't be bothered to cook, and wanting Pizza. google local allowed me to do a yellow pages style lookup But with a map + all the info needed. If you get free GPRS for web stuff (i get this from vodaphone, a friend has it on o2).
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