Nero today announced that Packard Bell's DVD-DivX 450 pro DVD player can be used to playback recordings made in Nero Digital compression format - a non-proprietary extension of MPEG-4 that adds DVD-like features such as chapters, surround-sound, subtitles and multiple audio tracks.

Nero, leaders in digital media technology, and Packard Bell, the international forerunner in PCs and consumer electronics, announce the successful launch of the DVD-DivX 450 pro, a DVD player offering playback support for videos compressed with Nero Digital technology.

The Nero Digital audio and video compression system, co-developed with multimedia algorithm specialist ATEME, is a non-proprietary extension of MPEG-4. Nero’s solution adds many DVD-like features that consumers expect in a home theater experience such as multiple AAC audio tracks, surround sound, chapters, and subtitles.
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