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Thread: Is First Major Portal to Deliver DVD Quality Videos

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    4 times in 3 posts Is First Major Portal to Deliver DVD Quality Videos Is First Major Portal to Deliver DVD Quality Videos

    Uses one of first commercial-grade, peer-to-peer grid distribution networks, developed in partnership with Kontiki

    November 14, 2005 - The portal is the first to introduce a trial for a new “AOL Hi-Q” high quality video format. The AOL Hi-Q format builds on the Web portal’s industry-leading video experience ( and can deliver DVD quality videos, in addition to standard quality streaming video, free to broadband users. Consumers can view AOL Hi-Q video on demand as well as select to have new Hi-Q videos in a particular category of interest, such as online movie trailers, music videos, video game trailers and more entertainment content, pushed to them when they are available.
    This is just getting better and better!

    Check out the release but also make sure to try this out - it just plain works (well here at least), and the quality is really very good. Also seems to be a lot less hassle than the videos of Live 8 that AOL hosted.

    Be shocked if you weren't impressed, too.

    Oh, and don't miss the related piece about AOL/Warner offering free downloads of vintage TV programmes - cos these will be available at decent resolution, too - using the AOL Hi-Q technology that the release above talks about trialling.
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