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Thread: Ulead pocket-money (£13) photo & video DVD apps

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    Ulead pocket-money (£13) photo & video DVD apps

    Cheap as chips! Well, obviously NOT as cheap as chips but still, not expensive. Though, of course, chips at £13 a go would be somewhat expensive. Not that chips are that cheap, really.*

    Ulead Systems announced the release of Ulead Pocket Slideshow and Ulead Pocket DV Show, the first applications in a new series of consumer-oriented DVD creativity software.

    Ulead Pocket series software is designed to appeal to novice or first-time users by presenting a dramatically simplified, single-purpose, approach to burning digital photos and video onto DVD for viewing on TV.

    Ulead Pocket Slideshow and Ulead Pocket DV Show are available for £12.99 each as electronic downloads only from the Ulead Mall.
    Read all about 'em!

    * Who was the twit who ever thought of that, "cheap as chips" line, anyway?
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