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Thread: Intel shows concept laptops with Ultrasuede exteriors

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    Intel shows concept laptops with Ultrasuede exteriors

    Intel Corporation and Toray Ultrasuede (America), Inc., innovative leaders in technology and fashion, today unveiled “ultrafashionable” concept laptop PCs. The unique result of their collaboration is a laptop design that screams chic, featuring Ultrasuede to deliver a unique and luxurious personal touch to mobile computing, along with the performance, mobility and wireless computing capabilities provided by Intel Centrino mobile technology.
    Check out Intel's release for more details and a pic.

    And let us know here how desirable (or otherwise) you reckon these concept laptops look.

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    I like Suede, but it picks up dirt and ages pretty badly...

    It doesn't really look totally at home here, either.

    So not that hot an idea, IMO :/

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