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Thread: Pocket a mess a money makin Intel Mac dual-boot

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    Pocket a mess a money makin Intel Mac dual-boot

    It's hard to know whether to clap or cry. A guy in Texas - Colin*, from Houston (he's not telling his surname) - is running a contest (with ever-increasing prize-money) to see who can be the first to get an Intel Mac to dual-boot between Mac OS X and Windows XP.

    * We don't know if he pronounces his name properly or if he calls himself "Co-lean". Hopefully, though, that will come out in the wash, too.**

    ** Interesting fact - Colin Powell's mum DOES pronounce her son's name properly (unlike Co-lean himself).***

    *** Hopefully she is fit and well and still is able to pronounce his name loudly when he comes round Saturdays for sandwiches, pies and cups of tea.
    Check out this HEXUS.headline.

    **** Perhaps we should have a contest of our own - I'll put up ALL the money (it will be in Turkish lira; or Japanese Yen) - for who can come up with the best womanised (should that be Co-leanised?) pronounciation of a man's name?

    Let's not make it too easy, though. You can't be starting with dicky names like Colin and Nigel and Rupert*****.

    It has to start off with proper, sensible-sounding names, like Robert or Graham.

    ***** The judge's decision is final.

    Bob C

    aka the judge

    aka RG Crabtree
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    It sounds legit to me, it can only benefit everyone if a solution is found.

    Clearly him running off with the $7,000 and rising prize money would be a bit of a bummer.
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