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Thread: LCD Image "Screen Burn"

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    LCD Image "Screen Burn"

    Some of you might remember the days when leaving a static image on a monitor for too long would "burn" it onto the screen, so that it was nearly always visible and would never go away. Thankfully, those days have passed (unless you have the moonah for a plasma screen, in which case the issue persists.) However, it seems LCD monitors can be susceptible to the same symptom, although it's not permanent.
    Unlike "Screen Burn" exhibited by some plasma displays, image persistence is not permanent. It is caused by the LCD crystals becoming "over-charged" from being left in one position for too long. The longer you leave your screen on, the more likely this is going to happen.
    The good news is, leave your LCD off for a while and it'll go away. More info over at Widescreen Gamer.
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    Apparently an LCD's greatest fear is the sun, it can caus fading if left for prolonged states (i'm not sure how thou, i'm guessing it must effect the filter, the same way say an old A5000 looses its loverly cream colour with prolonged direct sunlight).

    I've not seen it happen myself, but an electronics lecturer scared me after I got my first TFT warning me about it...... still not sure if its a wind up thou my physics really isn't good enough.
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