Ubisoft today have released a demo for Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, this gives PC players a chance to have a go at this upcoming title from Arkane Studios, also famed for Arx Fatalis.

Dark Messiah introduces players to the world of Ashan, this is to be the setting for all future Might and Magic games. Ashan has a dark history and is threatened by a sinister apocalyptic prophecy known as the Dark Messiah.

Running on Valves Half Life 2 source engine and focused more on an action RPG like Elder Scrolls : Oblivion players can choose to become warriors, assasins and mages to free the land from the prophecy. When levelling up players will unlock new items and skills to help them on their way through the numerous levels.

This demo is admittedly pretty huge coming in at 1.38 Gb in size and can be found in the usual download hotspots round the web. Gamershell have it locally mirrored but expect some heavy traffic over the next few days :


Enjoy !