Mediabolic, a leading developer of entertainment networking software, today announced that it has signed a multi-year software licensing agreement with Tokyo-based Yahoo! JAPAN, the leading Internet brand and one of the most frequently visited Web destinations in Japan.

Under terms of the agreement, Yahoo! JAPAN will license Mediabolic’s software to develop the “Yahoo! Digital Home Engine,” a technology that can be embedded into consumer electronics devices so that they can access media from the Yahoo! JAPAN website through or even without a PC.

The Yahoo! Digital Home Engine is a software module that can be added to a device on the home network, such as a PC or a network-attached storage (NAS) product. The Yahoo! Digital Home Engine-enabled device can then provide access to Internet media from the Yahoo! JAPAN Web servers directly to any number of DLNA CERTIFIED™ media players on the home network.

Content appears on the television screen as a separate content directory, providing consumers access to Yahoo! JAPAN services such as Search, Auctions, Photos, and more (plans for the rollout of this service are to be determined). Once selected via a remote control, the content is delivered directly to the television.

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