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Thread: review :: Evesham Freeview personal video recorder PVR160

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    4 times in 3 posts review :: Evesham Freeview personal video recorder PVR160

    It's not perfect but it's actually rather good.

    Evesham Technology's PVR160 is a £150 twin-tuner personal video recorder for Freeview digital terrestrial TV that's fitted with a 160GB hard disk...

    ...In most ways, Evesham's PVR160 is a first-rate product. It's easy to set up and use and offers an affordable way to get the most out of all the many TV and radio channels offered by the Freeview digital terrestrial service.

    Read all about it in this in-depth

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    Nah, 6 years down the line and still nothing beats a TiVo.

    Buy one on Ebay and enjoy, thats what I say.


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    and a Tivo can tune to DVB channels how?

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    But, is it "Playback" certified?

    With the implementation of the Playback feature (series linking) into Freeview transmission, it's something that is important to know.

    If not, i would avoid - especially as it can't record 2 channels at the same time. In fact, it looks pretty wet to me. At that price, there has already been some better boxes out for a while (if a touch more expensive). But can/will there be a Firmware upgrade to add the confusingly titled "Playback"?

    A new £9.99 monthly package of 18 channels is promised but when you see the details, you'll perhaps understand why Evesham and many others haven't bothered fitting card-reader slots to the kit they sell.

    It's not that the choice of forthcoming channels is poor - we don't think it is - it's just that Top Up TV is being promoted in a bundling deal that requires you to buy a Thomson personal video recorder (the DTI 6300-16) for £180, along with a £30 starter pack. The starter pack covers the cost of connection (what's to connect; does it need a permanent phone connection like Sky?) and provides a viewing card, plus the first month's subscription.
    From what i have heard, Thompson will basically have exclusivity to begin with - but other boxes that can do it will come out. In fact other manufactures have hinted that existing boxes, such Topfield, will be able to do with a firmware update. So not including a slot for a CAM might be a mistake after all.
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