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Thread: :: HIS X1950Pro IceQ 3 Turbo - cool, overclocked and quiet

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    HIS has added its own signature touches to the Radeon X1950 Pro. Quiet cooler and overclocked. Seems like a perfect combination, right?

    Find out more.

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    • DeSean's system
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      • ASUS P5K Premium Wifi/AP
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      • Intel Q6600 B3 @ 2400Mhz
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      • Corsair Dominator PC2-8500 2x2048MB
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      • Raptor 36GB, MaXLine III 2x250GB, HD501J 2x500GB
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      • BFG 8800GTS OC 320MB
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      • Silverstone Zeus ST75ZF
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      • Silverstone TJ-09
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      • Vista Ultimate x64
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      • Samsung 225MW
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      • Virgin 10Mb
    The free game is the same one I got with my X1800GTO from HIS. So they must have loads of them.

    It did come in useful a couple of days ago though when my Dads friend came round with his kids. The 10 year old boy wasn't impressed by my games collection (basically Total War series, Supreme Commander and HL2). Flatout saved the day, and he enjoyed playing that for a while.

    I don't really understand why this card is being reviewed now though, I thought it came out a while ago. I was a bit nasty the other day, asking how much HIS paid for that article where a HIS guy was basically allowed to advertise his company's products. I know I'm being cynical.

    I also can't help feeling that you should have kidnapped him and beaten him with that X1650XT until he gave you an R600 sample, though HIS may not have sent you this X1950Pro if you had done that...

    When the next generation does come out, I wonder if

    A: the IceQ3 cooler will need to be changed or if they will use the ATi reference cooler (HIS also ships reference X1950XTXs) and
    B: if its possible to use one or two R600 based cards for graphics with an X1950 for physics?

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    physics 1950pro

    that is a very good question can i use my standard 1950pro as a physics board in a later ati setup and when are amd now that they own ati going to release an uber amd-crossfire board......... actually that is a stupid question it will most likely be out at the same time as r600 just like 8800 and 680i

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    Wow! Yet another ATI X1950 pro, I know its a great card but who really wants to spend extra on a cooler unless they're going to overclock and these cards as far as my one goes do NOT overclock!

    Also while I'm in a really annoying mood, what is WITH the graphics on these cards? Whats the point? When is someone going to design a graphics card with all the pretty bits on the OTHER side lol. How hard can it be?
    With love and many thanks,


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