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Thread: Reviews - The Saboteur - PC, Xbox 360, PS3

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    Reviews - The Saboteur - PC, Xbox 360, PS3

    The Nazi war machine rolls into town in Pandemic's final curtain call - The Saboteur.
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    Re: Reviews - The Saboteur - PC, Xbox 360, PS3

    Can't believe no one is raving about this game. It's brilliant. It's a mix between Assassin's Creed (for the climbing and stealth part of the game) and Mafia (for the engrossing atomsphere of the game).

    I love how the cities turn black/white when you enter a repressed area, and when you do a key mission the people of that city get inspired and colour rolls back into the city and as a result the enemy presence (yay killing nazis) is decreased alot.

    Music is great, style is great. Graphics are ok, but the game play is the winner here. Haven't had so much fun in a while. Game is buggy as hell on the PC (doesn't work at all on some ATi cards, beta patch is out), so I would advise you to get it for the consoles if at all possible.

    What a swan song for Pandemic. Shame they got shut down, I would have loved to have seen a Saboteur sequel.

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    Re: Reviews - The Saboteur - PC, Xbox 360, PS3

    I've played it a bit now and agree with your sentiments. Assasins Creed 2 has been getting my time lately though as I am a huge fan of the series so far. But Saboteur is a great game with decent elements of different games, its enjoyable. Just a shame Pandemic has been shut down.

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    Re: Reviews - The Saboteur - PC, Xbox 360, PS3

    Oh damn.. I have just been playing this game, did a search to see if someone was selling a copy and found out no chance of a sequel.

    As Sean would say "Oh f**k that!"

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