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Thread: Reviews - ASUS G73JH gaming notebook review

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    Reviews - ASUS G73JH gaming notebook review

    A Core i7 processor and Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphics in a notebook designed to look like a stealth fighter. What's not to like?
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    Re: Reviews - ASUS G73JH gaming notebook review

    1. Why the high price increase over USA pricing? DO NOT BUY THIS IN THE UK, import from US. Dell don't inflate there prices so much so why do Apple, HP and Asus? PETITION!

    2. I emailed Asus re: purchasing a UK Keyboard for the G73 and got reponse "We do not stock or sell keyboards". In essence they care not for there customers.

    If you will be purchasing from the US get the Asus G73jh-X1 version which comes with 1x500gb h/d, dvd drive but no backpack or mouse. Its the better option IMO as you will def want to install an SSD or Hybrid drive.

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    Re: Reviews - ASUS G73JH gaming notebook review

    storage made available through dual 500TB, 7,200rpm hard drives
    Well, I can probably stretch to £1633 for the laptop if it'll come with them. Then all I need to do is sell the laptop having replaced the HDDs, and I'll be happy for a few years

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