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    Cool Gigabyte 3D1

    Before I even touch on the real-world feasibility of the 3D1, I have to say this - The technology is cool. No matter how logically you try to look at it, the fact that you have a single video card with the power of two cores is simply drool-worthy, even more so when you imagine the potential of doing this with higher-end GPUs like the 6800GT or (heaven forbid, considering the cooling solution and power you'd require) Ultra. I remember the disappointments of the Rage Fury Maxx and XGI Volari Duo well, two boards which made it seem that a modern day dual core GPU was almost in the realms of impossibility. But Gigabyte have taken a chance, thrown caution to the wind and produced an outstanding piece of technology - And even better, it actually works! Sure, this is just a different flavour of SLI, but it has opened the door to a new plain of possibilities, and that is a very good thing indeed.
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    It came to that time of the year again and I decided to go with the 3d1 from gigabyte and so far I am not dissapointed. The overall bundle is wicked the motherboard is nice to work with and the card does alright. One thing that does worry me is from looking around on the review sites the 3dmark and aquamark scores are all way above what I get when I run these tests.

    What kind of tweaks / options are there out there that would benefit this card / what drivers should be used ?

    The above are the only things I can think of that can affect this as the mother board is the standard one supplied with it and I'm running a Athlon 64 3500+ Winchester in it with a gig of geil memory in it has anyone got any pointer?

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    Hi i bought one as well but mine is still in the post. ive seen the tests go through the roof with the latest driver updates. ill see if i can get some links.

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