Given the lack of clock discrepancies between GeForce 6800 Ultra cards, NVIDIA's board partners need to differentiate themselves from the rest by offering something in their respective packages that others don't. In the case of ASUS, this difference is manifested by having a larger-than-normal card bundle. However good ASUS is at presenting this EN6800 Ultra graphics card, there's a couple of cracks that are hard to gloss over. Firstly, the use of a completely reference card and fan setup has stopped an ASUS-specific feature, SmartFan, from being adopted here. The ability to control the fan noise of a GeForce 6800 Ultra going at full chat shouldn't be underestimated. ASUS will undoubtedly contend that a 425MHz-clocked Ultra needs a large cooler and fan running at full speed, but I'd at least have liked ASUS to try a different approach.