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Thread: ABIT Fatal1ty AN8 SLI S939 Motherboard

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    I can only get them to run in Dual channel mode at DDR266, everything above that powers the machine down!

    Haven't even thought about trying DDR500 as I can't even get it to run at ddr400.

    What I did manage though was getting the thing to run DDR400 but I had to drop the voltage to 2.5V(manufacturer rec. 2.8v) But that ended up being ropey after playing battlefield 2 for a while.

    I tried my friends ballistix (non-tracer) in dual channel and they worked fine with the same recommended settings as for the tracer albeit the difference was mine are 2x1GB and his are 2x512MB.
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    I get EXACTLY the same issues with my 2GB kit, but the vendor is a right arse and says they don't guarantee compatibility.....

    Still running my 1GB kit of DDR500 crucial Ballistix untill this weekend, when they died and I borrowed some DDR400 generic RAM from a friend.... not happy with Crucial memory tb h:/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rave
    It could be that the processor's memory controller isn't up to the job. What speed are you actually running them at, DDR400 or DDR500? Is the command rate set at 2T?
    gonna upset all here but it's more than likely the poor quality board does not like your ram and not just moaning here i had a an8 sli fatal1ty board and the thing that made me laugh the most about it other than the numerous bugs it has is that this is the gamers board designed for overclocking and yet i ha dmushkin ram running in this board and it used to crash and bsod all the time now i know the ram was fine because in all other boards it ran fine through memtest and apps no probs but not on the fatal1ty it seems the shadow bios only likes certain memory modules (corsair work fine of course)

    IMO jonathan wendell would stick the fatal1ty sign on tampax if it got him an extra buck

    worst £150 i ever spent

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    Danroyle, you seem to have some good insight to add, but due to a lack of these, your post is hard to read.

    People would benefit from your thoughts more if you threw a few full stops in there.
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