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Thread: Quick and easy spare ribs

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    Quick and easy spare ribs

    Well I was looking to cook some spare ribs the other day, and I couldnt find any hoisin sauce, so I went for the next best ting, a sharwoods stir fry sauce "hoisin and spring onion" I though that would do the trick.

    So i marinated the 8 ribs in the jar of stirfy sauce for a few hours, then just stuck them in a 180c preheated oven, and let them cook for about 45 mins, basting them with the juices once. After that I turned the oven up to about 230 degrees, as they hadnt crisped up enough, and left them for another 15 mins.

    Anyway, they came out of the oven, and they were perfectly coloured, and they tasted EXACTLY like my local takeaway. No prep work, just perfect cheapo ribs that taste like takeaway... brilliant

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    sounds like a nice cheap starter for a chinese theme'd party

    I do the same with chicken wings and chilli sauce.
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