My first deer was such a long term thrill... and I learned so so much, over so many stalks with Dak, and was very pleased when he decided it was my turn one day.

If I had a FAC I'd apply for my DSC but thats for another time in my life I think. However, watching a good grallock on my perfectly dropped Roe was inspiring. I've watched before, and always been intrigued but when it was my shot it was very special. And seeing the internal organ checks and then driving it to the game dealer, and seeing all the others hung in the cold room was superb. Tageed, labelled- in order. The butcher knew every hunter, and every carcass.

Very inspirational.

Which brings us to the Sam Ham potential... if Sam finds a good local game dealer, he may also find an outlet to sell more product, at the same time.