I've always wanted to do this, and this year I'm gonna!

Booked two tickets for the better half and myself to go see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's Filmharmonic at Royal Albert Hall on May 9th. Very excited about it too! I've always wanted to go see some sort of classical show and I do love my film music.

The official description reads:
Friday 09 May 2008 7.30pm
Royal Albert Hall
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

A celebration of film music from timeless classics to recent blockbusters – Harry Potter, The Lord Of The Rings, Mission: Impossible and Star Wars.

Themes from movie greats and legendary war films including Chariots Of Fire, The Great Escape, Zulu, The Deer Hunter. Plus a tribute to multi Oscar-winner Maurice Jarre, whose scores include Lawrence Of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, Ghost and Witness.

Concert Promoted by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
In association with the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund
I've never been to Royal Albert Hall before either so I wasn't too sure about seating. Unfortunately, the grand and second tiers were sold out so I've had to go for seats in the Stalls, but still, can't wait!

Anybody been to one of these before?