So I've spent the best part of the past 3 hours trying to get my network to play nicely again. My wireless Router is brand new replaced, and I've just changed ISP. PC 1 is XP Pro, PC 2 is Media Centre 2005. Current setup is.

Internet directly to BT Speedtouch 240 Modem/Router.
Xbox 360 connected directly to Modem/Router
PC 1 connected directly to Modem/Router
Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router connected to Modem/Router
PC 2 has USR Wireless Gaming Bridge attached to ethernet port. (on which you have to set an IP for both the Adaptor and Ethernet Port)

I've set the IPs on each device. The Speedtouch is
Everything else follows in suit, just changing the last number.

Xbox and PC 1 connect to internet and talk to each other fine.
PC 2 connects to its Wireless Adaptor fine, and the wireless can see the Belkin Network, however it cannot "associate" whatever that means.
No Wireless Security as of yet is set.

The Belkin Router is set to Access Point only. Which from what I understood meant it would just disable DHCP and any firewall stuff. Which are already handled by the BT Router.

I can only login to the Belkin Router if there is a direct connection to it from a computer. i.e. the cable cannot be connected to the BT Router first. (Which used to work fine) There are more problems with logging in however. Firstly, its extremely slow. It shouldn't be. And secondly, and more importantly, every time since initial setup, when it asks me to input the password (I haven't set one yet, but its says just leave it blank if this is the case), nothing happens, except I am prompted to download a file, robots.txt.

Out of curiosity of opened the file, and boringly, its blank.

Any help on either and/or both these problems would be appreciated. I've tried to make things clear but please say if you want something clarified.

Update: I've now rest the Belkin Router, gone through the installation process again. Still getting the robots.txt problem. Still can't get PC2 to associate