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Thread: Dual LAN

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    Dual LAN

    Well.. I have 2 100mbps LAN ports on my mobo (Epox 8RDA3+), and dont see any real use for them..

    Is it possible to set them up, so that 1 is for sharing, and one for everything else.. ie: at a LAN i have DC++ using one, and a Game using the other...

    Or is it possible to setup load balancing?

    Cause I see no real point to having them otherwise...

    (wont be able to reply for a while cause im gonna be at a LAN but ill be back eventually)

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    You should be able to set up one port for FTP/File Sharing or whatever, and one for gaming. This is what servers can have to stop games or certain services from being affected if someone is copying large amounts of data.
    You should be able to choose with network port a program will use.

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