Hi i have the above mentioned setup, and would like to set it up so the computers on my network have there own ip instead of just using the routers ip all the time, for the sake of argument lets refer to the ip's as

a.b.c.64 - a.b.c.71

And i got this from my isp

Number of IP addresses: 8
IP addresses: a.b.c.64 - a.b.c.71
Subnet mask:
Subnet in slash notation: a.b.c.64 /29
Network address: a.b.c.64
Broadcast address: a.b.c.71
Router address: a.b.c.70
Number of IP addresses usable by your hosts: 5

and i have 2 and sometimes 3 computers on my network which i would like to set up with there own ips

So can anyone talk me throught what it is i need to do or point me in the right direction with it, bearing in mind i am newb to this, and the routers settings are just about all default, and all the computers are on xp pro

Thx in advance