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Thread: AOL platinum connection and wireless connection sharing.

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    AOL platinum connection and wireless connection sharing.

    I'm moving house in Feb (getting married) and need to get a connection in the new house. I'm looking for a 1MB connection with no download limits - so the AOL package is looking favourite.

    Some years ago I had a dial-up connection with them, and although there weren't any problems, I hate loathe and despise their browser which had to be installed on my PC.

    I haven't looked into this at great length, but is there any way round installing their naff browser?

    Also, I'm going to be sharing the connection (3 pc's) using the Linksys WAP54G Access Point and am looking for a combatible modem - does anyone have any suggestions?

    Any help would be rewarded with a virtual mince pie and sherry (let no-one accuse me of not getting into the Christmas spirit!)

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    The best place to really ask about AOL and routers is probably here

    Mods - if this is not allowed, Sorry I was trying to be helpful as we all know what AOL's like

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