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Thread: Wireless Router with ADSL Ethernet Modem

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    Wireless Router with ADSL Ethernet Modem


    First post here so please bear with me

    I am trying to setup a wireless network for my parents.

    I have a KCorp KLS-6615 wireless router which works perfectly on my Blueyonder cable modem. BTW this was only £8.50 from CPC FArnell

    So tried to use same with my folks ADSL Modem - Billion ADSL Modem /Router with single ethernet port. Does not work!

    Now I can only assume this is a DHCP / IP address issue.

    I have tried disabling the DHCP server on modem/router and also on KCorp wireless router, but got very confused and also had issues with getting pc and/or laptop to see routers when DHCP disabled.

    What I really want is to setup the Billion 1 port ADSL modem touter to emulate a cable modem, i.e. not to act as a DHCP server and just feed the ADSL feed to the Kcorp. Is this possible?

    Or do I just give up because this setup is not possible?

    Thanks for any advise


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    Welcome to the forums mate, you will enjoy it here!

    I cant quite make out what you are saying but I will have a go at helping out.

    Did you reboot your parent router before connecting your router to it? You need to do this as routers tend to hate seeing a different mac address connected to a port while switched on.

    Did you plug your cable router into you parents modem/router? If you did, I'm not sure this is the ideal way of setting things up. Is your parents modem/router set up as a bridge and does it have dhcp and NAT active? This will affect whether it leases a local lan ip (192.168.x.x or similar) or bridges the wan ip (the ip leased from their adsl supplier) to whatever is connected to its ethernet port. If it is set up as a router and dhcp is active on the lan side, you need to connect a switch (ie not a cable router) to the ethernet port to share the connection.

    How many pcs are you trying to connect? Can you get into the web diagnostics?

    Oh something that just occured to me, do both devices have the same LAN IP ie 192..168.0.1 this is the ip that you access the web interface on to configure them. most routers the default address is so if both routers are the same, that will cause serious problems. When you connect your router to your parents can you access the web config interface?
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