I wonder if anyone has an answer to the following...

I've got a Cisco 350 Wireless access point (AP) plugged into my Origo 4 port Router.

The AP talks to the router fine and is assigning IP's from the router as it should do.

My laptop connects through the AP without a problem so I know the setup is correct.

The problem I'm having is with the desktop:

Desktop has both an Ethernet connection into the router AND wireless adaptor (which should connect to the AP)

It can see the SSID of the AP and currently security is down while I'm fault finding so no MAC filtering, firewall, or WEP so these won't stop the connect.

Windows XP (Pro) tries to connect but it just continues to say "waiting for network" and times out. Whilst logged into the AP's control panel I can see the attempt to connect and the AP can see the desktop (it authenticates but does not authorise) This (afaik) is the only reason I can see for no connection but can't figure out why it won't authorise.

Any helpful suggestions would be great!!