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Thread: ADSL on multiple computers (router help)

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    ADSL on multiple computers (router help)

    I know there are other similar threads to this, but i didnt want to hijack them

    Just wanted to know the best way to get ADSL working on multiple pc's. We're getting ADSL installed in a few days, and there are 4 different pc's that need to be conencted to it. Already 2 of them are conencted to each other using a hub, the third could be done easily, but the 4th is harder. Can you get a wireless router so we just plug one of the receivers into the odd pc, and one into the hub?

    Or is this completely the wrong way to go about it? Suggestions on specific routers would be appreciated, wireless or not. The cheaper the better...assumung they work.



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    Yeah, you could do that, just plug the Access point into your hub and put a wireless card in the PC.

    But I wouldn't get a wireless ADSL router, just get a wireless access point to do that, and get a normal ADSL router and plug that into the network.

    People seem to like D-Links routers, but I cant recommend them after the farse with the DSL-5XX series.


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