My media box is a hiper media chassis. It looks great along side my reciver, but..

I have 2 major complaints, i bought this after reading a bit-trusted review, who once again have missed two rather important things. One this chassis supports mAtx. Bollocks. If it had an extra cm then yes it supports it, as it stands i had to bend the chassis to get it too fit. This is very poor, for the sake of 5mm installation is a pain, and my thumb bairs the mark of my dedication. This was such pain.

Second, the fan on the PSU is awful. Its insainly loud, this isn't mostly due to the noisy fan, but the design of the metal grill which the air has to pass through, its hardly ideal.

Now the components i'm running are low power, the CPU uses about 35w, so i figure i could try and mod the fan down too low speed via PWM or something, but I'd fear for the safety of the PSU.

So, i'm looking for a small PSU about 150W that can be passivly cooled, something like:

but thats cutting it rather fine, as i'd like too have some headroom.

anyone any experiance of this PSU?