My system fan (which is the fan on the radiator of the gigabyte 3d galaxy 2) doesnt seem to work when connected to the system fan pin, ive tried different fans on the system fan pin, and no luck but the fan does work on the cpu pin. Just to note, the rpm in bios is 0 RMP and gigabyte easy tune 5 wont let me into smart fan,

My board is a Gigabyte ga-965p-ds3 F5, ive tried reseting cmos ect and fiddling with the settings in bios,

When i press the power button, when the computer start to kick in before it posts, the system fan doesnt spin, but the l.e.d's are illuminated dimly. When it posts and cpu fan starts spinning full whack, the system fan just dies.

Going to try a bios update, if it resolves the problem i shall write back,