Hi all,

still furkling around with my new build (see my system).

Have had a few problems along the way, but I have the system running now (albeit with only 1 ddr2 memory stick fitted currently - new ram arrives today sometime).

I was running Vista originally, but had too many blue screens for my liking at the minute, and not sure if they are down to Windows or hardware / drivers, so I've gone back to XP Pro for the minute.

I've put a clean install on, updated with a gazillion updates from Windows Update and that's it... Oh and latest nvidia nForce680SLi drivers and 8800GTX drivers.

However, I then installed the CnC3 demo again, and it still crashes with stuttered sound. I thought maybe this could be down to unstable demo software although others dont appear to be struggling.

So I installed my newly purchase Supreme Commander and after about 20 minutes, that just disappeared while I was playing and returned me to the desktop....

Thinking that there is something deeper routed, I've installed the PC Probe to see if that revealed anything, and when it starts it gives a voltage warning, saying that the 1.2VHT voltage is @ 1.52V.

Can anyone even tell me what that is, if it's likely to be a problem (or even mis-reported).

I haven't changed any bios settings as yet, just running defaults, system still runnning stock at the minute...