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Thread: Web cam & MSN - vid link mic gets muted?

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    Web cam & MSN - vid link mic gets muted?

    I just bought a web cam so i could speak to my dad who is in South Africa. The camera works fine, both mic & video itself have been tested to within an inch of their lifes through windows and they both work fine.

    However, in MSN if i want to do a video link, the mic's volume gets 'locked' to the very bottom - ie muted, yet the video works fine. When i do a normal 'call link' (mic, but no video) the mic works fine & the volume can be adjusted.

    Iv tried as many settings as i can, yet none seem to chnage it.

    Iv got SOUNDmax installed, sound is played via my hi-fi(aux in) through the green port on my PC. Web Cam:

    Can anyone shed any light on this? cheers guys

    edit: Found a new sympton, when im on MSN & using the mic only with him, he cant hear my voice, only what is played through the speakers(music, films etc). I can cover the mic on it & it makes no difference.

    edit2: Video & voice both work fine in skype so i can only imagin its something to do with the way Windose messanger ties in with XP itself.
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