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Thread: Nano pc

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    Nano pc

    Well I have two possible builds now I already knew about nano-itx and micro-itx and all the forms of atx, btx

    This is my most likely build it is micro-itx and the case is 8"x8"x8" lol going to be incredible lil baby.....

    Mobo: Commel lV-667 COMMELL LV-677 Intel Core Duo/Core Duo 2 Mini-ITX express Motherboard
    Ram: Corsair 2gb (2x1gb dual channel) DDR2 xms2-5400
    Cpu: E4320 (I know its not out yet, does anyone know the power requirements? the e4300 is 65W)
    hdd:750gb Seagate barracuda
    Psu: external 150W and the power adapter also available on that page

    total price: £700 ($1400)

    Here's my current issues heat dissipation this case will be probably kept under a big (50"+) tv screen not in a cabinet so should have enough intake but the Seagate's run hot!!!!

    Updating the bios as only the newest firmware supports core 2 duo so how can i do this??

    Thanks for any help
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    That motherboard is mini-itx not nano itx. Nano itx is much smaller and slower.

    You might want to look at two changes. One is looking at the hoojum cubit 3 case. Its far better looking than the nexus. Scan have them for 60ish from memory.

    Also I would look at the DC version of the motherboard. You can then get a commell power brick to go with it. Works out cheaper. And requires less space inside the case.

    I've got a very similiar setup, its a bit older now but works very well indeed. I've got a x800 gto2 as well in mine.

    This thread here may be of some help too :

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    • b0redom's system
      • Motherboard:
      • Some iMac thingy
      • CPU:
      • 3.4Ghz Quad Core i7
      • Memory:
      • 24GB
      • Storage:
      • 3TB Fusion Drive
      • Graphics card(s):
      • nViidia GTX 680MX
      • PSU:
      • Some iMac thingy
      • Case:
      • Late 2012 pointlessly thin iMac enclosure
      • Operating System:
      • OSX 10.8 / Win 7 Pro
      • Monitor(s):
      • Dell 2713H
      • Internet:
      • Be+
    Why not look at a macmini?

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    because i hate macs and my mum has only just mastered windows so lets not complicate the equation with osx or linux.

    gordy it was a spelling mistake about the motherboard. That case is not debatable I love it and it is perfect for my needs... the only difference in case space would be no card on the back which doesnt prohibit anything anyway and im a rich kid money is not a real issue


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