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    Laptop Cooling

    I've had my new lappy about a week now and although it stable, it does get rather hot and with the weather only going to get warmer from now I thought I would see if there is anything I could do about it.

    After looking a few of the older threads on here about the subject, I see there are quite a few devices out there aimed at laptop cooling. Does anyone have any experince with any? If so what ones and are they noisy at all?

    I like the look of something like
    but that is only for 15" laptops.

    Any suggestions?


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    A friend use the NotePal, and she finds it can be a bit whiny when the fans go at full tilt, however, she is happy with it. Her lt was fine last summer, when using the NotePal.

    I use two strips of wood to lift the lt off the desk at an angle and provide space for a good airflow, as far as i can tell, it's as effective as the NotePal (doesn't look as good though).

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