I bought this board in july, and the board went bad in august. I contacted DFI several times through email, then I called them. They never pick up or anything. I almost had it settled one time and the lady said the support team was in england and because of the time different they wouldnt be back in for another certain hours but they would call me. THEY NEVER DID! I want this board RMA'd so I can atleast sell it because I bought an ABIT IC7 Max3 to replace it. Lots of troubles with support from them. My abit board had troubles but I RMA'd it. I thought it was the CPU at first, so newegg gave me a brand new P4 3.2ghz to replace it, ends up it wasnt the CPU, it was the board. Then I got tired of these stupid things and I ended up going back to shuttles again. I just want this lanparty board fixed so I can atleast pull a little pocket cash by selling it .