Hey Guys,

I bought a 2GB kit of OCZ PC4000 ram off these boards a while back, and had them running @ DDR400 (ie 2x200mhz) absolutely fine.

The problem comes when I try to run them @ DDR500 @ 3-4-3-8.

Its pretty much stable as you like in windows, but I was having issues with Prime95 running 250mhz fsb with a 1:1 divider. I whacked the memory up to 2.8v incase my board (see My System) was undervolting...

Prime was 100% stable on the small FFTs but died instantly on the larger ones...

I've spent most of today running memtest86 which gave me the following error (only did one pass):

00038fc9588 911.5MB (some numbers here)
00039fc9568 9275.MB (some numbers here)

Which made me think it was the first stick (logical yes?)

I ran memtest86 @ DDR400, and no errors on the first pass, so i stopped.

Took out the 'duff' stick of memory, ran memtest @ DDR500, one pass, fine.

Swapped the two sticks of memory, ran memtest @ DDR500, and this also passed!

Put them both back in, same error in the same (well, a few digits out, but still 911.5 and 927.5MB) place.

So... I'm now back at DDR400 @ 2.7v wondering what to do.

The memory has a lifetime warranty, so that should be ok, but is there any way to confirm that its definately the memory not liking DDR500 / 3-4-3-8 / 1T @ 2.8V rather than the motherboard?

Any advice welcome guys