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Thread: Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120 Issues

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    Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120 Issues

    Hi All

    I am in the process of building my new rig and have just installed this heatsink. 2 comments to report:

    1) The wire clips that go onto the side of the heatsink onto which you mount the fan are the most useless piece of design. They simply do not work with a Nexus 120mm fan. I have had to secure them with fine pieces of duct tape or the fan just slides off. Here's a link to the images on the Thermalright page. Bad bad design

    2) The mounting bracket just does not lie flat onto the bottom of the heatsink as described in step 7 here I have tightened the screws in a criss cross fashion and yet only 2 of the 4 'arms' make proper contact with the heatsink. I have tried numerous times / methods to make the 4 all connect with the heatsink, to no avail...

    Anyone with any tips?

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    Just received my own Ultra-120 Extreme a couple of days ago and the Panaflo fan I'll use with it fits perfectly. To be honest I think the clips are pretty nifty and hold the fan more securely than I would have thought. Does the Nexus have the usual screw holes, as the clips need those to hold the fan properly? If not, just take a drill, knife or whatever and make the appropriate holes. I certainly wouldn't use duct tape, since it's likely to lose grip when the HS gets hot and the glue melts.

    The bracket is not designed to touch he base of the HS except with the lower "arm". You could probably make another 2 contact points by sticking something or other between the upper "arm" and the base though. Then again, why bother if the HS is secure with an unmodified bracket? If it works, it works - no need to agonise endlessly over what you (possibly wrongly) perceive as a design flaw.

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    Nexus fans have closed corners.

    Its really easy to mod the fan to sort this.

    You will need either a junior hacksaw or a dremel and a pair of pliers.

    Look at the inside corners of the fan. There are plastic lugs. You need to get rid of them, so....

    Take your weapon of choice, and make a cut on either side of the lug, as close to the inside edges as possible.

    Once you have cut down enough on both sides of the lug, get a pair of pliers and simply snap off the lug.

    You can use the dremel or a bit of sandpaper ti tidy up any sharp edges.

    Ive done loads of these like this
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    Ah ha! Looks like I will have to break out the surgical instruments tonight! Thanks Guys
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