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Thread: lexmark c532dn vs. c534n

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    lexmark c532dn vs. c534n

    lexmark are giving up to £150 cashback on these until the end of june btw.

    my questions are:
    1: what is the difference between c532 and c534 (with or without duplex)?
    2: also, what is the difference to the 78x series (is it mostly capacity/speed)?
    2: do the units without automatic duplex give convenient manual duplex options?
    4: how well do the cashback schemes work and where would be the best place to buy (i'm looking at printerland at the moment)?

    and finally, i don't mind other brands. i'm looking at lexmark because of their cashback deal and also their return toner program.

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    Looks like the 534 is a slighter newer model with a slightly faster processor, an internal card slot (whatever that is!) and better networking functions.

    Personally I'd never buy a Lexmark again as their drivers are a bit excessive for what you really need, but then most companies are. They are also a real pain to get rid of if you ever need to (at least for their inkjets).

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    I've always thought the same about all printers' drivers.

    anyway, all i'm interested in buying a colour laser printer this lexmark caught my eyes because it seems like a very good deal with the cashback and the toner program.

    i really like the printer at college so i might just buy one just like it.
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