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Thread: Future Dual / Quad Core Build

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    Question Future Dual / Quad Core Build

    Hi all,

    Been awhile since I was looking at parts but I've been wanting to put together a pc for myself as my current one is near 4 years old now. Main use of the pc will be 3D rendering and the occasional game (2142.. quake wars).

    My budget I'm thinking is about £800 max a grand but want to keep it as low as possible!

    Won't be making this anytime soon so I'm open to suggestions.

    Ideally want it to be a Quad Core Q6600 or Q6700 (depending on price drop in July 22) ...
    4 GB RAM (this I'm not sure on at all I want something that works well to get a very good FSB overclock but also doesn't cost an arm and a leg)
    2 GB if it's too pricey.

    I got Vista Retail so don't need an OS...(if I get 4GB was thinking of going x64)

    Advice on mobo and graphics card would be welcomed too. I heard the 8800 series cains 3D Studio MAX for viewport rendering so that might be a good choice. Don't really care for SLI atm so one card is ok for now.

    Also if this stuff could fit in a case like a LC-17 while being cool and quiet that would be awesome.

    Otherwise a decent nice looking case (heatsink recommendations required too please especially for a quadcore!) would be welcomed.

    Thanks in advance for any $0.02 you throw in

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    cool and quiet is the antec p182.. best case i've ever come across apart from maybe a silverstone tj-09 which my mate has but thats almost £100 more.

    for £80 the antec is a bargain!

    The scythe mine/ninja/infinty are all very good coolers for quiet systems. Just done a build with a ninja rev.b and its fantastic and i can't hear it.

    PSU wise the corsairhx 520w is around £60 and again is so quiet you won't hear it.

    Graphics wise is a wait and see really but the 8800's are fantastic and generally very's what you will hear if you choose the components i've picked so far.

    RAM is changing all the time so again wait and see.

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