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Thread: Asus G1s - has awesome spec, but no idea about build quality?

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    Question Asus G1s - has awesome spec, but no idea about build quality?

    going for about 1200 -1300 quid. nothing else comes close for the spec.

    1680 x 1050
    160GB 5400rpm
    nVidia GeForce 8600MGT w/ 256MB
    HDMI port
    esata port
    gbit lan


    any opinions?

    need to use it for video editing / After effects, so need discrete vid card and larger screen. hdmi & esata v. nice. Was looking at a macbook pro, to run win xp, since hardware of the macbook is not bad, but really don't like the 1440x900 for the price, and to get close to that spec, would be the 1500 quid model
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    the Rock Pegasus 670 can be configured with a better spec than that for the same price if not a bit cheaper.

    I think a 2.4ghz with 160gb 7200rpm hard drive is £1400 and the 2.2 is £1200

    The asus build quality is said to be very good as is the rock.

    They look very similar to each other in fact but I think i'd take the rock as it comes with 3 years warranty over the asus's 2 years and asus are actually quite notorious for poor laptop warranty service in this country.

    EDIT: just specced it myself out of curiosity and a 2.4ghz with 160gb hard drive and 2GB of ram (on one module so room for 4gb) is £1366
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    Asus G1S has a nasty BIOS (or hardware) bug which means if you plug in the mains charger while the battery is below 90% the performance of the CPU is crippled dramatically. There's some talk about it on the Asus forums with people demanding a fix, etc.

    There have been benchmarks done where people have run the same tests with and without the charger plugged in and they show dramatic differences in framerates, etc.

    General consensus seems to be that the charger isn't powerful enough to both charge the battery and run the laptop if its left running at its normal speed but there is not as yet a fix.

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