I have migrated at great cost from AMD to Intel, in search of better performance by way of easy overclocking.
My board was part of a swap for some of my old kit, so it wasn't my choice (seems way OTT!). Anyway, this P5W64 WS Pro just WILL NOT overclock my E6420 CPU!

Ive leant my CPU to my bro who confirmed its good for AT LEAST 3400Mhz on his system, stable for 48 hours.

I can get nothing more than 2600Mhz out of it, with AUTO voltages. You might say why dont I up the VCore then? Well, on auto, at only 2600Mhz (325 FSB) the VCore already shoots up to 1.4-1.42. If I set it higher (1.5+) I can get a better FSB, but the temps are high, and I am a little scared to be honest to push such high VCores on a moderate OC like 2600

Can someone, preferably with P5W64 experience, please tell me what Im doing wrong? Or is it a bad board?

There are settings I need help with too, I daren't experiment just yet, but what should I be clocking the north/south bridges at?
I have FSB Termination Voltage? And ICH and MCH Voltages? They are AUTO right now.