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Thread: Network attaches gigabit storage for vista

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    Network attaches gigabit storage for vista

    I am having difficulty finding a nework storage device which is Vista compatible (havent the hardwre manufcturers let microsoft down with Vista kit).
    What I am looking for is something to hold my videos, pictures etc connected to my HOME GIGABIT network with VPN. Must be 1TB Raid 1 (2*500G) for security of data and not too expensive
    Anyone have any recommendations.
    Thanks in advance

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    The main problem with NAS and Vista is an incompatibility between the NTLMv2 authentication used in Vista and the SAMBA software that does CIFS/SMB embedded or running on most NAS devices.

    There are two solutions:

    1. Hack Vista to use NTLM authentication as per Windows XP:

    2. Choose (or upgrade to) a NAS solution based on SAMBA version 3.0.22 or higher where support for NTLMv2 was added:

    Solution #2 is preferable as #1 inevitably weakens overall security.

    Other than that, most NAS solutions should work just fine with Vista. Network protocols, for the large part, should be transparent so should work just fine with Vista - it's only the introduction of NTLMv2 that screwed a few things up.
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