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Thread: Watercooling, last minute advice needed

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    you have to look at the max lift of the pump as well as the l/h

    also one of the best n/sb blocks is the Swiftech MCW30
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    get an 18W DDC with petras top, or a double DDC acetal top.
    I don't think that pump would be sufficient to cool both the CPU and the GPU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigpun69 View Post
    Is a 500L/h pump sufficient for cooling my cpu only with an apogee/fuzion? Also, does having 1/2" over say 3/8" have any performance benefits?

    The reason I ask is that because I may go for a Thermaltake Kandalf LCS and just replace the waterblock which is most probably pants, but keep the radiator (seems decent, uses 3 cooling fans so must have a huge surface area), pump (50l/h) and maybe the radiator cooling fans (3x120mm 54CFM).

    Does seem ok?
    What pump is it that you are refering to?

    1/2" is lightly better than 3/8, although the optimal size is apparently 7/16 tubing on 1/2" barbs.

    I honestly wouldnt go for anything thermaltake as far as watercooling goes. You may as well just get decent air cooling, itll probably be quieter and cool better.
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