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Thread: MIDI cabed - an expert please!

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    MIDI cabed - an expert please!

    I got myself an Edirol PCR-30 controller, and my Yamaha QY20 has a tone generator. I've now realised the a PCR-30 has a USB MIDI interface built in, so am I right in thinking that the QY20 connects to the PCR-30 via it's MIDI IN?

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    Re: MIDI cabed - an expert please!

    Im not an expert in in the field but i know a little. Im a little confused though, are you trying to get the midi pattern from the synth onto your computer via the edirol device? if so I thought that midi was a digital signal therefore the fact the yamaha has a tone generator is irrelevant as the signal out from the midi port will just be a digital signal informing the preceding devices of instument & note used. If you are trying to use the Edirol as a controller for the yamaha then i would have thought it would be midi out on the keyboard to midi in on the synth.

    IF you are trying to record the sound of the synth then you need to use the keyboard as a controller for the synth as i mentioned above then connect the analogue outputs of the synth to the input of your computer.

    Or have i just got everything confused and wrong

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