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Thread: Sound card?

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    Sound card?


    What I want to do, is have some kind of audio controller where I can plug several jacks in, and then choose myself what sound I want to go to which jack and in which format. For example, some stereo music goes to one jack which is my 2.1 speakers, and game noise goes to my headphones in 5.1 (lol, or tries to - I still am not any good at fixing the 'balance' so that all the speakers sound like they're in the right position, someone off to the side is much louder than someone in front).

    But yea, there must be a solution, as I when I watch TV / listen to music I put it on the speakers and I'm fed up of going to control panel, changing from 5.1 to stereo, then switching the jacks over etc.


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    Re: Sound card?

    Can this not be done through the software included in some onboard sound systems cause they have jack sensing or am i going up the wrong tree here its ages since ive used onboard sound propley!

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