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Thread: Automated reply?

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    Automated reply?

    I sent an email recently to the customer support at Registry Mechanic (PC tools), enquiring about Vista support. However, this is what I received in return:

    Odai, thank you for contacting PC Tools. After reading your email, I understand that you want know about the compatibility between Registry Mechanic and Vista. Registry Mechanic™ 6.0 has not been designed specifically for Vista™. However, Registry Mechanic has passed basic functionality tests with Vista™. Our current Operating System specs for Registry Mechanic are as follows: Designed for Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP, with basic support for Windows Vista™ What does 'basic support for Windows Vista™ mean? Registry Mechanic has passed basic functionality tests with Vista. However, as Registry Mechanic was designed without consideration for Vista™ specifically and with so many still unknown scenarios with Vista™, we cannot guarantee that Registry Mechanic 6.0 will be 100% compatible and error free with the Vista™ Operating System. Our developers are currently working on a new version of Registry Mechanic that is being designed for the Vista™ Operating System (as well as Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP) We anticipate that this new 'Designed for Vista™' version of Registry Mechanic 7.0 will be released by September 2007. If you require further assistance on this specific request, please reply to this email.

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    What do you guys think, an automated reply?
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    Re: Automated reply?

    Unless they're in some mystical time-zone that has a different September to the rest of us, yep, it's automated.

    CCleaner (in it's latest incarnation) is a wonderful thing, even "claims" to be optimized for Vista x64, though it gets a bit unhappy with ActiveX keys which it highlights but require manual removal.

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