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Thread: Shuttle Sound Problem

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    Unhappy Shuttle Sound Problem

    Hi guys

    I've recently purchased a Shuttle RefleXion system, but when utilising the onboard sound the output produced appears faulty. Regardless of whether I use either the front or rear outputs, there is no sound on the left channel. If I use the rear output, there is a slight 'whining/scratchy' interference sound, which becomes even more pronounced if I use the front output.

    Does anyone have any idea what may be wrong? I'm hoping that I've just dislodged some internal connector upon building the system but I can't really think what I may have touched. (The sound has always been like that since purchase).

    Thank you in advance


    P.S. I'm currently using the lastest drivers from Shuttle's website, if that makes any difference.
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    Try muting the line in ... this happens on alot of onboard cards for some reason!

    If that doesn't work - put the level up high (but never full of course) and then turn the speakers down so that the line level is higher to cover up the noise! Other than that - you can't do anything else!

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