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Thread: Antec 900 Cable Managment.

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    Antec 900 Cable Managment.

    I've seen loads of stuff dotted around the internet related to this and at the moment my case is an absolute mess. Wires everywhere.

    Anyhow was planning on making some 'structural' adjustments as seen on some other forums. This involves drilling/cutting holes out of the motherboard plate to allow wire to pass behind the plate and through. Is a Dremel the best way to cut these holes of should I be using a 3/4" Hole Borer?

    I have also seen a slimline DVD-RW fitted in the bottom of the case, below the bottom fan in stock positions. Any idea how I do that?

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    Re: Antec 900 Cable Managment.

    There's a wee bit of room underneath the last bay so I assume they cut out the 'Antec' sign and the bottom and drilled a few holes to allow for the fitting.

    So far mine isn't that bad cable wise, I've managed to stuff a whole load around the side of the case and under the bottom bay, so there is sufficient room for air. This is with a Tagan 900W so it was no easy task. The bottom is a bit of a jumble though, but even with holes in the side I doubt I could clear it up.

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